think:digital Week 1 : Check-in

Hi everyone, I’m John,

This week we launched a great new initiative called think:digital.  We’re all about opening the society’s eyes to digital.

We’re based at Birmingham City University, at the heart of the knowledge and start-up community in Brum.

In the coming weeks we’ll be exploring the real experiences that our customers and colleagues have day-to-day, and we’ll use this to spot the big opportunities for improvements.

Here’s a link to a really short video with a bit more detail:


This week we used the method “I like, I wish, what if” as a way of giving constructive feed back on work. Why don’t you give it a try when giving or looking for feedback from your team? If it goes well let us know! If it doesn’t work let us know we would like explore why? Click on the picture for a link to a Stanford D-school article on (IL/IW/WI)






  • Adam

    This sounds like a great initiative that will have many benefits for the society


  • Neale

    Good to get a update from John keeping us in the loop of what going on with the new think digital initiative. Sound like it will have real benefits to the society


    • Tom Davis

      Hey Neale,

      Thanks for the feedback we want you all to *be the loop!*

      Please keep checking in and give our tools and methods a go yourself, let us know what worked and what didn’t


  • Derrann

    Thanks for hosting me this week and walking me through your progress to date. This is a really exciting time and I commit to getting my team to support you at all times.
    I’d encourage everyone across the society to make contact with the Think:Digital team and understand the opportunities that this forward thinking way of working and delivery will provide to us all! We should all look to adopt the culture that this team is working to.
    Look forward to more updates!


    • Tom Davis

      Hey Derrann, (note I spelt it right this time!)

      Thanks for coming to see us and you excellent feedback. Looking forward to sharing more with you in the future 🙂

      If anyone wants to get in contact you can leave a message here (and we will get back to you asap).

      You can also tweet us @_wethinkdigital or email us on


  • Andy

    Great to get an update regarding this exciting think:digital initiative and I am looking forward to find out about identified benefits for the Society and how they will help us grow the business and also ways of working within our teams.


  • Richard P

    Thanks for hosting us today guys, Had a great open discussion and think this is a very worth while development project not just fro IT but the wider Co-operative. Look forward to working more closely and giving constructive feedback and encouragement in the near future.


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