CXJM : session 2 the work starts here

Welcome to the real world

This week we completed our second round of customer journey mapping which was a great success. On this occasion we used two real life scenarios from funeral and retail.

Our Scenarios

For the Funeral scenario we had a persona created by Nicci Clarke and Karen Taylor from Customer and Marketing and Funeral respectively. The scenario we looked at with funeral was looking at the customer experience of pre-need funeral plan booking.
For the retail scenario Nicky Collins and Nathan Shephard from retail created a persona and behaviour map for the scenario of a customer enrolling as a member.

What we learned

We had lots of great insights from the event, using real life examples and having subject matter experts as well as colleagues from various parts of the business and externals no knowledge of our business really added a depth of quality and a fresh outlook to the customer journey maps.

One of the powerful qualities of the tools we use is that they are low resolution making them quick to pick up. We saw some great examples of participants taking the lead following their experience from the previous event.

Again we found cross functional teams working together created a real energy and high quality of interaction and creativity.

What’s next

After completing each journey map we honed in on an area where we felt we can have the biggest impact on the customers emotional need and created a statement on why we focused on these areas.

The next step will be to build on these areas with design thinking tools and refine a challenge or Sprint question which we can move into a design Sprint and would ultimately end up with a prototype that can be tested with real customers.
The presentation and notes we used can be found here


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