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Applying Digital tools in Chelmsley Wood

Hello all, Nicky here,

In my day job I am the manager of Chelmsley Wood retail store and was interested in how I could apply our digital toolkit in the surrounding area. Last week saw a really positive meeting with Sue Watson, a local education authority officer with Solihull council.  We met to discuss ways that we may be able to help make a difference to the people in the local area of Chelmsley Wood.

Chelmsley Wood is a densely populated area of Solihull with a large number of unemployed and unskilled people and Sue holds workshops supporting agencies such as DiabetesUK, Barnardos, St Basils, national careers service and many more.  These workshops aim to improve IT skills, English and Maths, parenting skills, anything that can add value to someones ability to find work.

One of the initial suggestions from Sue is to set up and facilitate CV writing and IT sessions, completing application forms, carry out interviews and offering work experience places but focusing on adults who have never worked or have very few work related skills.

We are looking into ways of mapping peoples interactions with the local education authority and building these capabilities in our community and colleagues to improve the lives of people by setting them up with the skills to succeed. Keep an eye for further posts and please get in touch if you would like to get involved.

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