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Hi all, Tom here, another busy week here at think:digital!

Tuesday saw a visit from our Retail colleagues. Regular contributor John Mangan and his colleagues from the west 4 region came to visit and see how our digitools are being used to identify areas we can be impacting to make customer journeys better in store. We looked at using customer journey maps and design thinking as a tool for stores to fully understand a customers journey and chose the complaints journey in store as an example to run through the tools. The workshop was great and we received some fantastic feedback on our customer first approach.

On Wednesday we ran a workshop for BCU’s Faculty of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment. The workshop focused on a customer journey map with three scenarios of a student’s journey enlisting for an open day through to enrolling on a course. The session was a really great opportunity for us to practise delivering journey map workshops with a big team. We learnt a lot about our prospective customers (students) as well as ways to improve and tweak our tools for different scenarios and audiences. We also received lots of great feed back from the team.

On Thursday we had a visit from Louise Wardle and Elaine Watts to discuss our first design sprint which is starting 3rd September around funeral planning. Louise and Elaine had some really great ideas and we had some fun running through a design sprint exercise which hopefully will lead to a fully fledged 5 day design sprint and prototype one day soon.

Friday saw colleagues from IT visit to take part in a workshop around problem management we used the how might we note taking method for the first time which worked really well. We then exploded our final how might we question into a design sprint exercise which created a result being followed up back at the BSC now. In the afternoon we had a visit from UI path who are a company who have created a design studio for building bots which can be used to take on repetitive tasks their product is really exciting and we have a design sprint lined up with them to look what they can bring to the business.

Great week with lots of new experiences and opportunities this week we have visits from colleagues representing HR and Shared Services as well as prepping for our first design sprint and some investigations into competitors use of new technologies so watch this space!

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