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meet the team: george

Hi all, I’m George and I’m the brand new addition to the Think:Digital team based in Birmingham City University.

Technology and its pure potential has always intrigued me from a young age, I’ve always believed that technology can be used as tool for good and a way to improve people’s lives and enhance local and global communities.

This mentality has lead me into my degree choice of Computer Networks at BCU (Birmingham City University) due to the want to connect people together to further growth and change. From this degree program, I managed to secure an exciting placement (a sandwich year, between my second and third year of studies) with the CEC (Central England Co-operative) as a web developer.

Six months has flown by at the CEC, however I still wanted to fulfill my desire to help others. A while back, I had visited Think:Digital to participate in a design sprint over a day as a taster of how our teams could get involved with the business in other creative ways. I couldn’t of enjoyed it more! Luckily, the head of IT (John Armstrong) picked up on my enthusiasm and proposed I spend the rest of the duration of my year long placement at Think:Digital as a way to keep on enhancing my placement experience.

Even though my career in IT is relatively short, I can see how the Co-operative really does look out for its members and the wider community. I hope to make an impact on the business in a meaningful way and that I can continue to do so throughout the rest of my career.

If you have any cool,¬†quirky, outside-of-the-box ideas that you would like to get us involved in please don’t hesitate to email me at, I’m here to help.

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