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Is Your Store Hot or Cold and Why Does It Matter?

At Think:Digital, we have an on-going project called “Warmth & Heart” which is looking into how a Co-Operative food store is emotionally perceived and interpreted by the Customer, and if that effects sales. Do a customer’s emotions towards a store effect what they buy? What physical attributes within a store would impact on someone’s emotions? Does discovering answers to these big questions actually drive more food sales? That’s what we’re trying to find out in this slow-burning project.

As this project is such uncharted territory, vast amounts of research is required so we can come close to a tangible solution. I will be discussing these abstract methods below to give you a taste of what we do.

The first and most used data collection techniques we’ve used so far is Rich Picturing (creating a “Rich Picture”). This involved us writing up our journey around the store after our visit, then we drew this process in the form of pictures, envisioning that step of the process in an emotional way. The brilliant thing about this technique is that instead of us just focusing on the logical process, it concludes the person’s feeling, emotions and perceptions. These extra things that are included on top of the process really add flavor and meaning to the whole journey, and greatly helps the user empathize with the problem which ultimately yields fantastic results.

In the video below (created by Tiger Spreadsheet Solutions, published on the May 16, 2016) explains in detail what a rich picture is and how this technique can help you define a problem easily. Itss a method of explaining the process of a problem while still involving emotion, which is a key part discovering any great solution.

As this technique can be applied to any situation, it has further aided our research into trying to understand how a customer shops the way they do and if their own emotions impact their experience or their spending potential in any way.

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