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Brett Derry

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AI in Retail

AI has become a pretty big deal in the retail space, with a wide range of different adoption patterns across the industry. Predictably, the biggest adopters of AI technologies in this space have been very large multinational organisations, largely in the FMCG and fashion retail space, though these technologies have…

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Take back your data with Solid

“The Web as I envisaged it, we have not seen it yet. The future is still so much bigger than the past.” – Tim Berners-Lee In 2018, Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, publicised his dismay of how the web was being used compared to his initial vision…

Futures tech

NRF 2019: Review

As part of my role both at Head Office and at Think:Digital, I am tasked with looking at the wider technological landscape to see what other similar businesses are implementing, as well as identifying upcoming trends that could be good candidates to evaluate and experiment with. This year, myself and…

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Are drones the future of delivery?

UPS have recently released a video of their first completed drone delivery with a view to changing their day-to-day delivery operations. The UPS drone is deployed from a modified UPS delivery truck – the roof of the truck opens up to reveal a launchpad. Once open, the driver activates the…

Digital signage in retail store
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In-store marketing – digital signage

Most modern shoppers are used to seeing digital signage across many retail outlets. Ranging from large 4K plasma screens to digital shelf edge labels, this technology is becoming not only more ubiquitous but more eye-catching. But what are the benefits of this technology? The dynamism of the content that can…

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Self checkouts – what’s the future?

In Retail, there isn’t a consumer technology that splits opinion quite like self checkouts. Personally, I like the speed and ease of use (except for the ‘unexpected item in the bagging area’ message); they enable me to go into the shop, get what I want and get out again relatively…

Check-in meet the team

meet the team : brett

Hi everyone, I’m Brett and I’m part of the Think:Digital team based in Birmingham City University. I have been involved in web and digital technologies ever since my school days, from creating basic website in Frontpage and Dreamweaver. I’ve worked in several different departments throughout my time at Central England…


Launch week: Tools of the trade

As the team member responsible for identifying the technical solutions and tools for our experiments, my first challenge of the launch week was to identify and set up our team tool kit. In the spirit of Think:Digital, it didn’t have to be perfect but it had to be good enough…