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Is Your Store Hot or Cold and Why Does It Matter?

At Think:Digital, we have an on-going project called “Warmth & Heart” which is looking into how a Co-Operative food store is emotionally perceived and interpreted by the Customer, and if that effects sales. Do a customer’s emotions towards a store effect what they buy? What physical attributes within a store…

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Co-operative Futures Conference 2019 #FC19

How can we make Co-operative deserts bloom? That’s the big question that Co-op Futures wanted the answer to, but how could they get answers to such a vast and complex question? What do you do when you’re faced with seemingly intractable problems? In this case, Think:Digital were called into action!…


A Co-operative’s Perfect Day And Our Festive Spirit

What is the Co-operative’s “Perfect Day” competition? The Perfect Day is a competition involving all the Co-operative retail stores in the west midlands area to take part in to see which store is, in this case, most festive. Alongside judgments on how successfully the store is managed, for example this…

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meet the team: george

Hi all, I’m George and I’m the brand new addition to the Think:Digital team based in Birmingham City University. Technology and its pure potential has always intrigued me from a young age, I’ve always believed that technology can be used as tool for good and a way to improve people’s…