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Our First Design Sprint!

Our First Design Sprint! We recently finished our first 5 day design sprint! It was a fantastic/ exhausting week and we had some really great insights which ended with a brilliant prototype which we have tested with real people! What is a design sprint? A design sprint is a 5…

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Hi all, Tom here, another busy week here at think:digital! Tuesday saw a visit from our Retail colleagues. Regular contributor John Mangan and his colleagues from the west 4 region came to visit and see how our digitools are being used to identify areas we can be impacting to make…

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Using Digital tools in the community

Radical Help Recently we have also been reading the book Radical Help by Hilary Cottam which was suggested by David Grady, the book is real eye opener about ways to approach the welfare state and in some part has echos of the tools we are currently using and the ideas…

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Design Thinking

Design thinking

What is design thinking? Design thinking is an method of understanding, developing and testing solutions to problems. Like a lot of the other tools and methods we are looking at here at think:digital, design thinking is an iterative process meaning an end goal is reached by creating ideas and building…