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meet the team: george

Hi all, I’m George and I’m the brand new addition to the Think:Digital team based in Birmingham City University. Technology and its pure potential has always intrigued me from a young age, I’ve always believed that technology can be used as tool for good and a way to improve people’s…


CXJM : customer experience journey mapping – kick off

What is CXJM? This week we have been working on customer experience journey mapping or CXJM for those who hate vowels. CXJM will be a key part of our approach going forward. The idea is that the majority of our forthcoming experiments and work will be approached from the perspective…

Check-in meet the team

meet the team : brett

Hi everyone, I’m Brett and I’m part of the Think:Digital team based in Birmingham City University. I have been involved in web and digital technologies ever since my school days, from creating basic website in Frontpage and Dreamweaver. I’ve worked in several different departments throughout my time at Central England…


Launch week: Tools of the trade

As the team member responsible for identifying the technical solutions and tools for our experiments, my first challenge of the launch week was to identify and set up our team tool kit. In the spirit of Think:Digital, it didn’t have to be perfect but it had to be good enough…